I was invited to show my work at LOOKbetween in Charlottesville, VA. The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph took this year off and in its stead 81 emerging photographers were invited to spend three days at Deep Rock Farm, share their work and join in on discussions with industry professionals about the future of our business. This was the first time they attempted something like this, and I loved being a part of the process. You can read  my favorite write-ups about the three days on Deep Rock Farm here and here.

I can be a bit of a Luddite and the shift towards video is not one I necessarily welcome. However, the video work of Erika Larsen, Simon Biswas, Maisie Crow and Susan Worsham really knocked my socks off. In the case of Simon and Erika I appreciated that the videos were made up of a series of beautifully lit and composed stills that just happened to be moving. In the case of Maisie and Susan, I loved the integration of stills and video which had the end result of creating a harmonic and symbiotic whole. In both cases, the stories were captivating, heart-breaking, and fascinating… all at the same time.

In the end, one of the things I enjoyed most about the weekend away, was being truly away. Jessica Nagle put us up on her beautiful property. There were donkeys and hammocks and lakes and hay bales and bonfires. Best of all, there was no cellphone reception and no e-mail access.

There were moments I wanted to pinch myself.

©Sarah Girner