My Parents’ Palazzo

My parents and I walked into the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel in Venice like we belonged there – like we were guests and had a right to walk up the grand 18th Century staircase, look at the frescoes by Pietro Longhi and lean out the huge windows overlooking the Grand Canal and the Rialto Market. The staff didn’t mind. I think people come there all the time to look at the Palazzo that dates back to the 14th Century, is a national monument and has in recent years been pristinely restored. What was out of the ordinary was that some of the rooms were absolutely deserted. My parents and I (in fact my entire family) are early risers and we arrived at the Palazzo when everyone else had just settled down for breakfast. We had the rest of the rooms to ourselves and I indulged in some early morning daydreams about my parents being Venetian nobility and owning the place.