The Thing With Feathers

Some times are darker than others and it always amazes me how deep down humans are optimists: how we need to make light of a dark situation and look for the silver lining on the dark clouds hanging over our heads. I took this photograph in Venice during the Reflexions Masterclass at the Museum Fortuny, which was one of the institutions hosting us. Inside the darkened rooms of the museum I found myself seeking out the rare slivers of light, setting up my tripod and exposing for minutes that dripped like molasses. I let the weak light seep into my negative. This exposure was six minutes long. The room of the photograph does not resemble the room in reality at all. Yet it is how I saw it.

Since then I’ve received some bad news and again choose to see it my way. I hear Emily Dickinson’s poem in the back of my mind and soldier on, looking for the lighter days.